Committed to exceptional organic flours since 1979

A combination of ancestral tradition and state-of-the-art technology for
flint-milled flours that are both tasty and nutritious.

We’ve been supporting the organic cereals sector since 1979

A pioneering organic mill

A 44-year commitment to the sector

The expert in flint-milled flours

An age-old technique for tailor-made flours.

An exacting selection of cereals

Exceptional flours thanks to the quality of the raw materials.

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Listening to customers and their needs is a priority.

A variety of flours for breads with character

We offer a complete range of exceptional organic flours, pure or blended, for bread or pastry, millstone-ground or cylinder-ground and available in a variety of packaging.

Flours on natural flint millstones, unique and ancestral expertise

At Minoterie Suire, we’ve learned to reconcile authenticity and tradition by automating our organic mill. We can meet our customer quality requirements and satisfy the growing demand for premium, more nutritious products.

A family history of commitment

Minoterie Suire is above all a story of two families coming together. Originally based in Montaigu, the mill was a pioneer in the production of organic flours. In the 1980s, the Girardeau family approached the Suire family and bought the mill, which was already equipped with stone millstones. Today, Minoterie Suire has been relocated to our historic mill on the banks of the River Sèvre. We’re delighted to be continuing this tradition by producing top-quality organic flours for our customers, and promoting the development of the organic sector.

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For over 40 years, we’ve been supporting our customers throughout France and beyond, offering them high-quality organic flours and helping them to create the products they want.

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To become an organic baker, the artisan must comply with European regulations on organic farming and French and EU legislation on the preparation of foodstuffs and bread.

Bakers wishing to sell organic bread must also submit their activity to the control of a certifying body approved by the public authorities, which will issue a certificate of conformity.

The Minoterie Suire, in collaboration with the ACTE service, supports all bakers in all their projects to convert to organic farming, take over or set up an organic bakery.

Organic flours are made from organically grown grains. This environmentally-friendly production method guarantees that no synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used, that organic matter is recycled and that crops are rotated.

This method of processing preserves the nutritional and taste qualities of the raw materials we select. The grains can be crushed on millstones or cylinders. The natural flint millstone process is often used to make organic flours, as it naturally incorporates the germ and a large part of the husk, which are rich in fibre and minerals.