Organic: tasty moments,
preserving the planet

Organic is our nature

For the company, the organic label is not a marketing tool that could have influenced our choices. It is undeniably our nature, a family and entrepreneurial desire to create high quality flours with respect to human beings and their environment.

Produce organic enhances the gustatory experience
Every kind of cereals has its own specific aroma and texture and will be specifically use for the creation of distinct breads, dough or biscuits.
The organic farming methods preserve and above all, reveal exceptional gustative qualities. Some cereals products, exclusively available from organic farming, even increase the range of aromas specific to organic flours.

Produce organic protects the nutritional values
As well as being respectful of nature and the environment, the processes of organic farming protect the nutritional qualities of the raw materials during every steps of the production. Moreover, our natural millstones optimize the incorporation of the bran, full of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

The French label AB (Agriculture Biologique – Organic farming): a guarantee of quality and respect
The cultivation methods used in organic farming preserve the grounds and our natural resources and forbid the use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). To obtained this AB label, producers must respect strict requirements according to the European Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007. It focuses on non-polluting processes, that are respectful of our ecosystem and imposes strict and systematic controls from the production to the distribution, as well as a certification approved by public authorities.

We are regularly inspected and officially certified by ECOCERT. We are also listed in the official directory for operators in organic farming edited by the Agence Francaise pour le Développement et la Promotion de l’Agriculture Biologique (French organisation for the development and promotion of organic farming). We require the same certifications and guarantees from our cereals suppliers.

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