Variety as a priority,

Our organic flours

We offer a full range of high end organic flours, either pure or mixed, for bread or pastries, produced on grindstones or cylinders and available in various pack sizes.

Pure organic flours :

- Wheat Flour (T65, T80, T110, T150): ideal for an aerated crumb, bread with authentic taste and baguettes ‘à l’ancienne’

- Rye Flour  (T130, T170): recommended for its high content in fiber, this bread will even be more delicious when enjoyed with seafood or cold meats.

- Spelt Flour: high content in proteins and carbohydrates, for a good nutritional balance and a great combination with fine meals.

- Small Spelt Flour: source of minerals, especially loved for its rustic flavours.

- Buckwheat Flour: great nutritive value, full of minerals and low in gluten, it is perfect for French ‘galette’ (Buckwheat savoury pancakes) or in veggies preparations.

- Corn Flour: mixed, it is ideal to produce delicious breads, crepes, or cakes. Pure, it makes excellent savoury pancakes.

- Rice flour: it complements perfectly other flours in order to bake whole-wheat breads, or in pastries for crunchy or soft cakes.

- Khorasan Flour: high nutritional value, high content in selenium, zinc and magnesium, its specificity is its light taste of hazelnut.

- Barley Flour: made from a cereal considered as soft and refreshing which leaves a delicate nut flavor.

Our mixed organic flours :

For our customers, we develop and create tailor-made organic flours, mixes of different types of flours, harmonious combinations of textures, aromas and flavors meeting distinct recipes and cooking requirements: specific organic flours, for a unique taste.

- Enhance your taste buds by a “Tourte aux Alouettes”, bread with a golden and crunchy crust, made from a mix of rye and wheat flour ground on millstone.

- The alchemy born from the mix of organic flours made with different ash content (T65, T80, T110, and T150) create the best white bread especially when enjoyed sliced.

- To obtain a tasty organic 6 grains bread, a delicate blend of different organic flours is required, including wheat, spelt, barley, corn, buckwheat, and seeds (sunflowers, soy, flax, buckwheat)

- Baking a good traditional organic farmhouse bread would be impossible without the good mix of wheat and rye flours. Its delicious rustic aromas will make a fine dish when combined with game and cheese.

Our mill produces more than 200 different flours over the year, number that reflects our capacity to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the food industry.

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